Daily Design

Design Prompt Generator

Daily Design is a tool for creatives looking to improve their product design skills. The application generates design prompts along with constraints such as typography and color palette to give users the building blocks they need to simply start designing.


The Problem

Users need a simple way to practice design

When developing a new skill such as playing an instrument or learning a language, improvement comes through consistent study and practice. For software engineers, HackerRank and LeetCode are only two of the many tools that serve this purpose, helping developers improve their technical ability through coding challenges. Product designers, on the other hand, do not have these robust tools or options. Though the resources to practice development are plentiful, tools to help creatives improve their skills through design challenges are severely lacking in comparison.

The Goal

Provide the creative base needed to kickstart a project

Deciding what design problem to solve or interface to create is an exhaustive process. The goal of this product is to streamline the initial stage of design projects, enabling creatives to start designing right away.

User Journeys

How will the product bring value to users' lives?

To explore how the product will fit into the lives of creatives, I drafted user journey maps for different primary user groups.

Curious and New Designers

Experienced Designers

Insights for Prototyping

Creating these journey maps led to actionable insights for the prototyping of the product. For one, new designers generally prefer more instruction and guidance before sketching or pushing pixels. To cater to this user group and help ease their transition into visual design, the product should generate UI constraints along with the design prompt such as color scheme and typography. A second insight was that required signup and additional steps before the screen of interest are frustrating for the user and reduce conversion rates. Improving the user experience for these users would be to greatly reduce and eliminate this friction, allowing users to generate prompts seconds after opening the application.


Ideation and Exploration

Here are some sketches and notes from the ideation phase of the project. To design the application UI, I kept the interface minimalist, providing prompts and constraints established through the user journeys.

Application UI

Website Landing Page

The Solution

App UI and Website Landing Page